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Becoming a Better Parent


To be completely honest,  I am not happy with how I am parenting.  I love my kids so much that it hurts sometimes.  But being a parent has never felt comfortable for me.  The responsibility to help such a small being develop into a fully function  adult is overwhelming sometimes.  I want them to be good hearted and kind, I want them to be polite and generous, I want them to be strong emotionally so that whatever life throws at them they can handle.  I want so much for them and it’s so hard knowing if I’m doing the right thing.  Or knowing that sometimes I am, but sometimes I’m not.  I forget sometimes that they are only four, that they don’t know better, that physiologically and psychologically they CAN’T know any better – they are still getting there.  And yet I still have these throw down screaming matches with them because I just don’t have my shit together yet and somehow I expect them to.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t spend all my time beating myself up for these things – but I know I should do better – I can do better – and that they deserve it. read more