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Scattered Focus

I tend to be a bit scattered in my focus as I hop from around different things.  Lately I’ve been interested in ways to make money on the internet.  I played around with some transcriptions.. I type fast, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to speedy transcriptions I’m finding. I think you really  need the foot pedal thing.  I’ve done some Mturk things via Amazon.  I’ve found a couple blogs that talk about different places you can join – opinion surveys, bzzzagent, one space, user testing..  nothing is really feeling that worthwhile at this point.  Part of me wants to just get a job in the real world, but with the girls only in school three half-days a week it just isn’t really feasible.  I’ll continue to poke around online to see if I find anything that seems to fit me.  Maybe what I really need to do is focus on one at a time.  Spend 2-3 days working with just one website to see if it’s a good fit for me vs jumping around like I am today (see, scattered)! read more

Mom is in Control getting organized

So I joined a Facebook group a few weeks ago called mom is in control.  It is hosted by Heather Chauvin (who is just awesome by the way).  I definitely recommend checking her out at Mom Is In Control if you are a mom.  She also does a podcast if you like listening to those.  Anyways, the Facebook group is for people doing the mom is in control challenge.  I actually started this on January 20th, but fell off the horse after about day 5.  I’m going to start back up with day 6 tomorrow, which is basically just about making sure you are drinking enough water.  I am horrible at making sure I am staying hydrated.  Because, quite frankly, I’ve never acquired a taste for plain water.  My current way of drinking water is to drink watered down Propel Zero.  I don’t need a lot of flavor and Propel on it’s own is somehow too sweet for me. I find if I do about a 1:4 ratio of Propel to water it works out fine.  So my goal for tomorrow is to drink more water. read more

Mom’o’Zaglings Reviews It

Hello –

I am starting this blog to give an honest review of products I receive for free or at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review of the product.  A friend of mine has been doing it for a little while and I thought, “I totally should check that out!”  I am a stay at home mom of identical twin girls, my little zaglings, who are currently 4 years old (the picture above is a bit dated – but so cute!).   I have three degrees (Psychology, Legal Assistant and Finance) and was previously employed at a large bank as a Risk Analyst before I had my girls.  I am very active in my local multiples club.  I am always looking for items and products that are high quality that will make my life easier and healthier.  Recently I discovered essential oils and am in the process of finding out how they work and if they are right for myself and my family.   I’m also toying with the idea of working from home to make some extra cash – unfortunately I haven’t found a good fit yet though.  Anyways, I look forward to sharing my findings with everyone! read more