Another day, another butterfly


Do you sometimes you feel like you get distracted by every pretty butterfly?  So I started out looking into product reviews, then it turned into looking at things to do with a blog, then in the process of looking at a blog came the big question.  What is my passion in life? What can I not do?  And the answer is… I don’t freakin’ know!  No clue.  Are there things I enjoy doing? Sure!  But do I jump back and forth between things I enjoy doing? All the time!  For example, I went through a cleaning phase.  I was going to get the house cleaned and organized.  I was really motivated.  And then, I wasn’t.  I don’t remember what I moved on to… typically for me my focuses tend to fall into the following categories: 1) Bettering myself or my house (cleaning, organizing, decluttering, working on personal issues, finding what I want to do with my life); 2) research (genealogy mostly,  but also stuff I need to buy or places I’m interested in… or anything I’m interested in)  3) gaming (LOTRO, D&D).  But I bounce between them… every few days.  When I’m into something, I’m all in… hours and hours and hours of being involved in it.  And then the switch turns off and I move back to something else.  But… I don’t really consider any of them passions.  How do you know what is an interest and what is a passion?  Maybe I just don’t know what passion is.  The dictionary (M-W online) has a few definitions – the applicable ones being read more

Scattered Focus

I tend to be a bit scattered in my focus as I hop from around different things.  Lately I’ve been interested in ways to make money on the internet.  I played around with some transcriptions.. I type fast, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to speedy transcriptions I’m finding. I think you really  need the foot pedal thing.  I’ve done some Mturk things via Amazon.  I’ve found a couple blogs that talk about different places you can join – opinion surveys, bzzzagent, one space, user testing..  nothing is really feeling that worthwhile at this point.  Part of me wants to just get a job in the real world, but with the girls only in school three half-days a week it just isn’t really feasible.  I’ll continue to poke around online to see if I find anything that seems to fit me.  Maybe what I really need to do is focus on one at a time.  Spend 2-3 days working with just one website to see if it’s a good fit for me vs jumping around like I am today (see, scattered)! read more

Mom is in Control getting organized

So I joined a Facebook group a few weeks ago called mom is in control.  It is hosted by Heather Chauvin (who is just awesome by the way).  I definitely recommend checking her out at Mom Is In Control if you are a mom.  She also does a podcast if you like listening to those.  Anyways, the Facebook group is for people doing the mom is in control challenge.  I actually started this on January 20th, but fell off the horse after about day 5.  I’m going to start back up with day 6 tomorrow, which is basically just about making sure you are drinking enough water.  I am horrible at making sure I am staying hydrated.  Because, quite frankly, I’ve never acquired a taste for plain water.  My current way of drinking water is to drink watered down Propel Zero.  I don’t need a lot of flavor and Propel on it’s own is somehow too sweet for me. I find if I do about a 1:4 ratio of Propel to water it works out fine.  So my goal for tomorrow is to drink more water. read more