Ancestral Cooking


Geschnetzletes and Spätzle

So in honor of my Czech heritage, I have been trying out a couple different Czech recipes.  Tonight’s dinner was karbanátky, courtsey of  the Czech Cookbook. The meal was yummy – super filling.  The patties consist of ground pork and beef mixed with onion, garlic, bread, egg, marjoram and salt.  They are coated with bread crumbs and fried up.  Pretty simple to make!  I didn’t have old crusty bread to use, so I simply used some day old french bread I had. I think the only mistake I made was not squeezing enough water out of the bread before adding it as the patties didn’t hold together as well.  My four year olds enjoyed the meal as well.  I am happy to say I have little ones who #1 are pretty adventurous eaters and #2 really like protein.  I remember my mom always saying she never cooked anything interesting because us kids would never eat it!  I served the meal tonight with mashed potatoes – I didn’t have time to try something new for a side dish. Especially since I let the girls dye some eggs right before dinner time and it was an utter mess.  I would highly recommend trying out this recipe!  Sorry there’s no picture of this one – my phone had died by the time dinner was ready! read more

Life Made Easier – Three Weeks of Dinner


Sometime in the past few years I read a book that talked about planning out your dinners in advance. I believe the particular book I read was in regards to saving money and talked about planning for a month at a time. When I first read that I thought… “No way… that would never work for me!” And yet, I was willing to give it a try. I started with one week at a time. After a few weeks I thought, this is going pretty well, and jumped straight up to three weeks at a time. I’ve found this to be my happy place. I once tried four weeks, but the planning took too long to be quite honest!! I’m getting ready to make my dinner plan for the next three weeks so I thought I would share my process with you! Perhaps it will inspire you to give meal planning a try! read more