P.E.T. Week 3: Active Listen Some More

Oh boy, it’s been a busy couple of weeks!  We go back to class tomorrow and I haven’t posted about last weeks session!  This week we discussed more about active listening and remembering to avoid roadblocks.  I had a great experience from the prior week which I had been excited about.  Last Monday C did not want to go to school (the girls are in Jr. Kindergarten three days a week).  I used active listening and followed it down to find what the actual problem was.  Apparently C tends to be noisy during their quiet time and is scared the teacher will be mad at her for it.  It is a little tough on them because right now I pick them up halfway through the day, which means they are there waiting for me for about 15 minutes of quiet time.  As it turns out, in a week we will be moving them to full day, so they won’t be up and waiting for me.  Of course this means that they are now going to have to follow the quiet time rules for even longer.  Hopefully it goes well.  Although what is it my training would say? This is their problem?  Ahhh yes.


Back to a review of the class.  We discussed common errors that are made during active listening – including guessing at what the problem really is or trying to speed the process along.   The attitude you take also plays an important role – including focusing on the wrong thing (i.e. not the child) or trying to use active listening at the wrong time (i.e. the child just asked you for a glass of water).  There was additional parts about active listening to really young children – while ours are verbal, some of this advice is still fitting as they have plenty of non-verbal cues they throw out.  And sometimes they do need your help to do a little problem solving.  Mostly they should do this themselves, but they can get stuck and it’s ok to support them (especially when they are younger).  Additionally with younger children, helping them with the words to describe what is going on can be a huge benefit to their understanding and language development.

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