So it starts

I have been doing genealogy since my dad first introduced it to me back when I was in my early teens. I don’t recall the exact moment when I was bit by the bug. I have a letter I sent to my grandfather back in 1990 asking for information about his family, which is really the first documented item I have that I requested. Since then I have done genealogy off and on – mostly depending on what else I had going on and whether I could afford the subscription.   Back when I first started, your research options were nothing like they are today. I remember going to libraries to check out books, actual locations to talk to people who might have known the person we were searching for, even going to the national archives to look at census records on microfilm. The digital age has changed all that. I believe it started with Rootsweb, and then and Cyndi’s List. Today there are way too many sites to even try to cover (just look at Cyndi’s List!!)

So back when I started doing research, it was easy to not be consumed by it – the information was not at your fingertips. Now that it is, I find that I can become completely absorbed in searching for my relatives. This was fine when I was single and had no children, but now there are a few more people in need of my attention. And sometimes my genealogy research is a distraction from real life… and sometimes real life is a distraction from my genealogy research. With this blog, I hope to work on better understanding the research I have done, as well as sharing my new findings along the way. Inevitably, there will be posts about other things that I am being distracted… by or from! Have you done any genealogy research? Is there a topic or a time period you are particularly interested in? Let me know!

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