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Pertl Anton obit Oct 16 1911 dh

Do you have a brick wall in your genealogy? I would venture that most people have at least one. I have several, but the one that bothers me the most is in my Pertl line. My great-grandmother’s name was Mary Frances Pertle (the e was added on by Mary). She was born in 1875 to Anton Pertl and Lucinda Angeline Hollandsworth (Hollingsworth). Anton Pertl, and his progenitors, is the line I am interested in tracing. The information I have points back to Bohemia, but I have not been able to trace exactly where in the old country he and his family came from. Pursuing the Pertls will be a series of posts that follow my attempts to break down this wall.

First I need to look at the information I have regarding Anton’s origins. Let’s take it in order from oldest to most recent.

Pertl Anton and Hollingsworth Angeline 1874 Oct 14 marriage record Missouri Washington

  • Marriage record for Anton Pertl and Angeline Hollandsworth from the records of St. Francis Borgia Church in Washington, Missouri dated October 14, 1874  The record indicates Anton’s parents are John Portel and Maria Fuks, and that Anton is a widower. Anton’s last name is spelled Pertel in this record. There is no indication of a birthplace on the record.
  • 1880 U.S. Census from Missouri, Gasconade County, Cannan, 082. Listed as Antone Pertel. White, male, age 30, farmer. Birthplaces of Anton, his father and his mother are all listed as Bohemia.
  • 1892 Chicago Illinois voter registration record. Listed as Anton Pertl residing at 667 Jefferson St. Nativity Austria. Terms of residence: Precinct 4 years, County 23 years, State 23 years. Not a native, but naturalized. Date of papers Sept 26, 1888, Circuit Court of Cook County.
  • 1900 U.S. Census from Illinois, Cook, Chicago Ward 08, District 0214. Address 189 W. 21str St. Listed as Anton Pertle. White, male, birthdate Dec 1845, age 54, married 25 years. Birthplaces of Anton, his father and his mother are all listed as Bohemia. Immigration 1894, In the U.S. 6 years, alien
  • 1910 U.S. Census from Illinois, Cook, Chicago Ward 34, District 1472. Address 1229 South Harding Ave. Listed as Anton Pertle. White, male, age 63, second marriage, married 37 years. Birthplaces of Anton, his father and his mother are all listed as Aust. Bohemian. Immigration year 1866, naturalized.
  • Cook County, Illinois, Death Index, 1878-1922. For some reason there are three different records showing in the online indices on Ancestry.com. Listed as Anton Pertl, born 25 Jun 1846 in Bohemia, died 14 Oct 1911 in Chicago at age 65. Lumber hand, white, married, male, address 1229 Harding Ave. Father John Pertl from Bohemia. Mother from Bohemia . Difference in records is the mother’s name – Arushie Holonworths (which is actually his wife), Gustina (?) and Angeline Holonsworth (again his wife)

A written genealogy from his son Tony ( b. 1884) has the following information:

  • Anton was born in Austria in 1849, became a U.S. citizen in 1868 and died in 1911.
  • Anton left Austria to avoid military service and that he was first married in Philadelphia and had two children with his first wife (who passed away along with his daughter).
  • Anton had a brother that came with him before moving to Dime Box, Texas.
  • Anton’s parents, John and Mary, came to live with them in Chicago.Pertl Anton obit Oct 16 1911 dh

Anton’s obituary from the Denni Hlastal (16 Oct 1911) does not indicate where he was originally from. The only relatives listed besides his wife are his sons and daughters, and their spouses.

Next I’ll review what I have regarding John and Mary Pertl, Anton’s parents.

  • 1892 Chicago Illinois voter registration record. Listed as John Pertl Sr. residing at 667 Jefferson St. Nativity Austria. Terms of residence: Precinct 4 years, County 23 years, State 23 years. Not a native, but naturalized. Date of papers Sept 26, 1888, Circuit Court of Cook County
  • Death certificate – Mary Pertl – died Jan 1, 1896. Female, white, age 75 years, 5 months, 3 days. Married, born/nationality Bohemia, resident of state 29 years, address 667 Jefferson St. 7th Cause of death Inantion from old age. Buried at Bohemian National.

While I was going through my information, I found that I have John’s death listed as 1896. This is incorrect as I have no documentation of when he died. Based on Mary’s death certificate, Anton probably died after 1896 as she is listed as married at the time of her death. I found a John Pertl in the Cook County Death Index who died in 1904 at age 85. I’m not sure that it is the correct persons, so I’ve ordered the death certificate to take a look. I still don’t know where he was in the 1900 census if this is the correct person.

Too sum things up, I don’t have a lot to go on here.   Things I can look into at this point:

  • Look into Anton’s brother. A book I have about the Hollingsworth family indicates there were four brothers that came over. Anton is listed as the oldest. There is a James Pertl that married Angeline’s, Anton’s wife’s, half-sister Julia Hollingsworth in Missouri. Check to see if there is evidence of a connection.
  • More research to see if passenger records can be located for any of the family. Anton was married in 1874, so it appears the 1900 Census immigration date is incorrect. Per the 1910 Census he immigrated in 1866. Based on the voter registration information he immigrated in 1869. Best bet is to research between 1865 and 1870 (his eldest son John was born in the U.S. in May of 1871). The Hollingsworth book indicates he may have come from Ceske Budejovice via Hamburg. Possibly look into naturalization papers however if I remember correctly the papers from that time did not have any useful information on them.
  • Thoroughly search the 1870 census for Anton and the 1870, 1880 and 1900 census for his parents (note only his father would be in the 1900 census).
  • A letter from my grandmother indicates a potential Uncle Fuchs. Check the areas where Anton Pertl lived to see if there are Fuchs families in the area that may be related to his mother Marie.

Do you have any other suggestions of places I should look or things I might want to consider? I’d love to hear them in the comment section below!  Tracing the Pertls back to Bohemia is my goal for this year.


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  2. Barry Witt

    I too am looking into the Pertls.
    Anton Pertl > Mary Francis Pertl > Elmer Frank Sladek > Joyce Mae Sladek > Slade Lofstrom
    John and Anton are consistently listed as from Bohemia. Since Bohemia no longer exists as a state, later homelands for both men were listed as Czechoslovakia or Austria.
    Anton’s wife has some very odd last name spellings in the birth records of her children:
    Birth Son Frank; mother: Angelina Halendwald
    Birth dau Lirie; Mother: Angeline Hvlalsvort
    Death dau Emma; Mother: Angeline Hollingsworth
    Birth son Vaclav E. Pertl;Mother: Andeline Halanvarts
    I’m not sure that I have any information that would be new to you, but would be happy to share any I have. I would also like to know if you find anything further about their homeland.
    Barr Witt

    1. Tobaira (Post author)

      I sent you an email =) I have already found where Anton and John came from, I just haven’t had time to catch up with the blog


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