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Geschnetzletes and Spätzle

So in honor of my Czech heritage, I have been trying out a couple different Czech recipes.  Tonight’s dinner was karbanátky, courtsey of  the Czech Cookbook. The meal was yummy – super filling.  The patties consist of ground pork and beef mixed with onion, garlic, bread, egg, marjoram and salt.  They are coated with bread crumbs and fried up.  Pretty simple to make!  I didn’t have old crusty bread to use, so I simply used some day old french bread I had. I think the only mistake I made was not squeezing enough water out of the bread before adding it as the patties didn’t hold together as well.  My four year olds enjoyed the meal as well.  I am happy to say I have little ones who #1 are pretty adventurous eaters and #2 really like protein.  I remember my mom always saying she never cooked anything interesting because us kids would never eat it!  I served the meal tonight with mashed potatoes – I didn’t have time to try something new for a side dish. Especially since I let the girls dye some eggs right before dinner time and it was an utter mess.  I would highly recommend trying out this recipe!  Sorry there’s no picture of this one – my phone had died by the time dinner was ready!

The second recipe that I’ve tried recently is actually not Czech.. but Germany is close, right?  I had some leftover spätzle from a recipe I made last year (that didn’t go over so well). So I was looking for a recipe I could use it with when I stumbled across The Daring Gourmet’s recipe for geschnetzletes.  This particular geschnetzletes (creamy hunter’s sauce) is made with pork, onion and mushrooms and seasoned with paprika among other things.  When I made it I served it over spätzle.  The result was another amazing meal.  I do not care for the texture of mushrooms, so I only used half of what the recipe calls for.  I did use a sweet Hungarian paprika when I made it that I bought for when I make pörkölt (another wonderful dish).  I’m not sure I can exactly describe the taste (I’m not particularly good at that), but it was delicious.  My husband especially liked it and the girls seemed to enjoy it as well (sometimes it’s hard to tell when they are having an off night).

I definitely recommend checking out both these websites for these and other great recipes.  I will definitely be trying out more of their recipes and let you know how they turn out.  Check out my delicious-dinner-recipes-tried-and-true Pinterest page for some other great recipes!  If you have a recipe that you think I would like or you would like me to try out, please send it my way!  I’m always on the look out for new dishes to try!





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