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Unlike children’s books, the podcast market is wide and varied.  You can find a podcast for almost any topic.  While I believe there are a variety of ways you can listen to them, I personally have only used iTunes.  I’ve only been listening to podcasts for about a year – I was first introduced to them by my husband.  And it took him bugging me to listen to one of his before I finally had a listen.  I found I was pleasantly surprised.  I don’t listen to a lot of podcasts.  Some of the ones I’ve tried I’ve ended up turning off about 5-10 minutes into them because they just didn’t work for me.  In this post, I will share with you the ones that I do listen to, and why.

The first podcast I listened to was Mom at 41 by Dr. Karen Osburn.  As the name indicates, she first became a mom at age 41.  She and her husband, Dr. Ed Osburn (who also has a podcast – The Chiropractic Philanthropist), became parents via adoption.  They now have two wonderful boys – and she talks about the struggles of parenting in a very real and honest way.  The podcast has some fabulous interviews with a wide variety of guests as well.  The podcasts run from 10-15 minutes for the solo episodes to 30-60 minutes for the interviews. She released 112 episodes (+7 bonus episodes) before moving on to her next project.  But those episodes are really worth listening to, especially if you are struggling with being a mom.  I was in a rough place when I started listening to her and it helped me so much to know that I wasn’t alone.


Dr. Karen’s next (and current podcast) is called Women Wanting More (WWM).  I love this podcast.  If you thought she was real and raw in Mom at 41, WWM is all that and a bag of chips!  You can actually hear her start to shift in the later episodes of Mom at 41.  In this podcast, she addresses how to have it all in all aspects of your life.  But she is realistic – and she reminds you that you are the one that has to get your rear in gear if you want to have it all.  If you are offended by cussing, this may not be the podcast for you.  I don’t find it excessive, but she does cuss because honestly, life gives you plenty to cuss about!  The episodes on this podcast are all solo and last 10-20 minutes.  At the end of each episode, she gives you an action step for the day – something that will take you closer to getting more of what you want.  Mom at 41 also had action steps at the end of the episodes as well.  Personally I like this touch as it gives you something to take forward into your day.  The episodes come out three times a week and you can also sign up for her newsletter which comes out five days a week.

So the next podcast may surprise some of you.  About a year ago, I really got the urge to start building stuff out of wood – furniture and what not.  I’m not really sure what it is that turned me on to woodworking, but I’ve obsessed about it ever since.  Mind you, I haven’t really taken any action (I hope Karen isn’t reading this) on it, but I’m getting there.  So I went searching for a woodworking podcast.  As you can imagine, there really weren’t a whole lot out there – woodworking lends itself more to video than audio.  The first few I listened to were just.. ugh.  I found myself distracted and not listening.  And when you don’t understand most of the stuff even WHEN you listen, it’s really bad if you’re only half listening.  And then the clouds parted, and there it was..  Wood Talk.  When I started listening, the hosts were Matt V, Marc and Shannon.  The current hosts are Matt C, Marc and Shannon.  Very handy that they replaced one Matt with another.  When the show first started it was just Matt V and Marc.  Are you confused yet?  Not important.  What is important is that the rapport between these three is fabulous.  They all bring different aspects of woodworking to the table – and each independently have their own woodworking websites. Marc, The Wood Whisperer, is the power tool guy.  Shannon, The Renaissance Woodworker, is the hand tool guy.  Matt C… well.. I’m not completely sure where Matt C falls in as he just started at the beginning of the year and  I’m a little behind in my podcasts.  Right now I think of him as the lumberjack as he actually mills some of his own wood.  I have to give a shot out to the previous Matt too, Matt V, the basement woodworker, the man with the awesome beard and a love of tacos.  Back to the show – I really enjoy how it’s laid out. First they go over what they are respectively working on and then they address feedback and new questions.  Being as though I have done very little woodworking, I don’t really understand everything they are talking about.  But I understand a lot more than I did 9 months ago when I started listening!  And they really seem like nice guys that you would want to hang out with and have a beer. Very down to earth.  There are 295 shows out there (I guess iTunes only shows 250 though) and each show is 30-50 minutes long.  Some of the older shows were shorter, one topic shows released on the weekend.  Right now they are only doing one show a week on Mondays.

The final podcast I’ve become a big fan of is A Slob Comes Clean.  The blog/podcast is produced by Dana White, who started out simply blogging as Nony (short for anonymous), so no one would know it was her.  This blog/podcast is meant to be reality based cleaning and organizing for people who don’t like cleaning and organizing.  But honestly, even those of us who do like organizing (but never get around to it) can pick up a lot from it.  Listening to her really motivates me to work on my house and at the same time makes me feel like she understands that stuff happens. I totally relate to the going from clean to a disaster and somehow missing the in between steps.  Her podcast is great if you are a hoarder-level slob, or just someone who has too much stuff (or quite frankly, anything in between).  Can I tell you my secret? I’ve even fallen asleep listening to her podcasts… not because she is boring, because I wanted to listen so bad that I would go to bed at night and turn it on!!!  I wonder if any of the information sunk in subliminally.

So those are the main podcasts that I personally listen to most of the time.  Heather Chauvin also has a great podcasts for mom’s (as well as a fabulous program called Mom is In Control).  I’ve also started listening to The Woodworking Podcast – mostly because it’s nice to hear from a woodworker that is female (she also has two male co-hosts).

Do you have a favorite podcast? I would love to hear about it!


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