Mom is in Control getting organized

So I joined a Facebook group a few weeks ago called mom is in control.  It is hosted by Heather Chauvin (who is just awesome by the way).  I definitely recommend checking her out at Mom Is In Control if you are a mom.  She also does a podcast if you like listening to those.  Anyways, the Facebook group is for people doing the mom is in control challenge.  I actually started this on January 20th, but fell off the horse after about day 5.  I’m going to start back up with day 6 tomorrow, which is basically just about making sure you are drinking enough water.  I am horrible at making sure I am staying hydrated.  Because, quite frankly, I’ve never acquired a taste for plain water.  My current way of drinking water is to drink watered down Propel Zero.  I don’t need a lot of flavor and Propel on it’s own is somehow too sweet for me. I find if I do about a 1:4 ratio of Propel to water it works out fine.  So my goal for tomorrow is to drink more water.

Additionally I’ve started doing Peter Walsh’s 31 Days 2 Get Organized challenge from Peter Walsh Facebook.  He originally did it in January. I decided I wanted to start it in February, so I advertised to my multiples group to see who wanted to do it with me (and keep me accountable).  Little did I know that 18 other people would join me!!!  Today was day 2 and consisted of getting rid of shoes that you don’t wear anymore.  Easy task.  We’ll see what the future holds.

That’s about it for now. I’ve done a few Amazon reviews for products myself and my children have received recently.  I’ve also signed up with a couple of websites that facilitate product reviews, so we will see how it all goes.

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